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Spring Homebrew Season

It's brew time for summer sipping on the patio or deck! Stop by for fresh grains and hops. We've expanded our Carrboro and Charlottesville brew rooms and now carry even more ingredients, kits and equipment for brewers at all levels!

Organic Gardening Starts Here

Grow organic this spring with plant starts, seeds, soil, fertilizer and pest control from Fifth Season. Our organic veggie plant starts are grown in the store in Charlottesville and Carrboro--your tomatoes will taste better than those bought at a big box store!

Carrboro Spring Classes

We're hosting classes this spring in Carrboro on homebrewing, soap making, terrariums and mushroom cultivation. Click here for more information and to register!

From the Blog

Managing Carbon Dioxide in Your Grow Space

If you are green to gardening you might not know that carbon dioxide, the gas we all exhale, is critical to plant growth and development. Photosynthesis, the process through which plants use light to create food, requires carbon dioxide. CO2 concentration in ambient air ranges from 300-500 parts per million (ppm), with a global atmospheric…

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