Fifth Season Gardening Company began as Asheville Agricultural Systems, one of the original hydroponic retailers in the Southeast, and hydroponics remains our passion.

For the casual gardener, hydroponics conjures up images of massive plants on display at Epcot Center or winter tomatoes grown in Canadian greenhouses. Yet hydroponic methods may one day provide the means to feed the hungry around the world. Today the majority of fresh produce in countries like Israel and Australia comes through hydroponic methods, and increasingly, commercial growers in the United States apply hydroponic techniques to produce everything from buttery lettuce to juicy strawberries.

Here at Fifth Season, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the hydroponic hobbyist maximize plant yields in any environment. Our high-tech grow room provides visual cues to the customer establishing his or her own indoor growing area, and our experienced advice can help you overcome almost any difficulty you may be experiencing. Our vast selection includes everything you need from hydroponic systems and grow lights to full nutrient lines, climate control equipment, and air quality control. We carry many product lines you will not find anywhere else in our area, including CANNA. We also offer a popular loaner ballast program allowing you to rest easy, knowing that if you purchase a lighting system from us, we will provide you with a loaner ballast should your system ever fail.

Furthermore, as one of the nation’s first full size garden centers focusing on bringing organic gardening products into the mainstream, we stock a huge selection of organic soils, nutrients, and supplements that can help the indoor gardener who prefers growing the old fashioned way. Lines like General Organics makes organic gardening simple wih the results you would expect from hydroponic gardening.

Please browse our online store for a full selection of available products. Given our ever increasing inventory, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t carry it – give us a call and we’ll let you know. As one of the oldest hydroponic retailers around, we also have unlimited connections with manufacturers around the world. If it’s available anywhere and we don’t stock it, we can probably get it for you.

As a small family business, at Fifth Season Gardening Company we still know what “service” means, and we hope you’ll make us your grow store